kathryn bigelow

  • We're All a Depressing Part of "Generation Wuss"

    I called Bret at his house in LA last week. We talked passionately about his frustration with what he's dubbed "Generation Wuss"—you, me, and everyone else who's young, is hyper-sensitive, and has grown up with the internet.

  • The Black Mirror of 'Zero Dark Thirty'

    "It's such a heavy topic in a way and hopefully stands up to the test of time," said screenwriter Mark Boal. "So, five or 10 years from now they could look back on this and say, 'Hey, they more or less got this right.'"

  • Watch This Trailer: Republicans Think the How-We-Got-Osama "Zero Dark Thirty" Isn't Fair

    In May, 2011 director Kathryn Bigelow (_The Hurt Locker_, _Point Break_, _Strange Days)_ and screenwriter/journalist Mark Boal (_The Hurt Locker_, _In The Valley of Elah_) had just wrapped on a meticulously researched script about the 2001 siege of al...