LA Weekly

  • The Best Unknown Brooklyn Bands

    Rock n’ roll is still alive, well, and following a strict P90x workout regimen. There’s no reason to write it a eulogy. Everybody knows Brooklyn is the place to find awesome new bands, because that’s what they say on music websites. I give you the top...

  • Big Surprise - Henry Rollins Can Reform Health Care, Man!

    I realize that the Henry Rollins I see on my television is not the same person I pictured the first time I heard Damaged as a kid. And he shouldn't be. That Henry—immortalized for punching a mirror—was a lot younger, angrier, and less politically aware...

  • Jonathan Gold Gave Me Crohn's Disease

    And I sat in the hospital for 14 days vomiting through my nose while a team of doctors did unholy things to my body.