• Tattoo Artist JK5's Bio Mom Story

    A tattooed wise man of sorts, Joseph Ari Aloi shares his knowledge and bizarre experiences with his clients. He was adopted when he was four days old, and although he grew up in a loving and supportive home, he always felt different. But one day...

  • Catching up with Krussia, New York's Best Russian Rapper

    For this week's Mahal, I hit up Russian rapper Krussia's 2 AM performance at CMJ's international show. Over the last few years, I've ran into Krussia from time to time as shredded the streets of New York on his bike. Here's a live video from his CMJ...

  • Jill Di Donato Talks About Her Book About Sex in the Lower East Side

    For this week's Mahal, I met with author and sex columnist Jill Di Donato at a garden to discuss her new novel and video project, Beautiful Garbage, about the commercialization of sex and the art scene in the Lower East Side.

  • TV Killed the Lower East Side

    This week, I'm presenting my friend Jade Katz's new video, TV Killed the Lower East Side. With the help of Jade's pet rat, Petunia, the video shows how television and movies convinced millions of people to move to New York City, ruining the...

  • Billy Rohan Left Florida to Create Illuminati Videos

    This week, I caught up with my forever friend, the pro skateboard personality and filmmaker Billy Rohan. After spending a year in Florida to gather his thoughts, he’s back in New York City to launch a new video series called Illumignarly.

  • RIP Taylor Mead

    The Lower East Side lost yet another piece of its diminishing history on Wednesday, when Taylor Mead, an actor, poet, and staple of the LES, passed away. Not long ago I was in Taylor's apartment, discussing the changes to the LES with both Taylor and...

  • Clayton Patterson's Music Week

    For this week's Mahal, I got to talk music with legendary Lower East Side photographer, Clayton Patterson. Over the decades, he has documented just about every memorable show in Lower East Side and today is still getting out there and seeing relevant...

  • Spring Break on the Lower East Side in an Old School? Surf's up!

    The Spring/Break Art Show, a new group show taking place in the Old School (spring break and school don't usually jive, but this is an exception) on the Lower East Side just opened and visiting just might make you feel a little better about your lack...

  • Taji's Mahal – Talking with Clayton Patterson About the Lower East Side

    For this week's Mahal, I headed over to St. Mark's Bookshop, for the release of Clayton Patterson's new book, 'Jews: A People's History of the Lower East Side.' I got to catch up with the man himself to learn a bit about the historical culture of LES.

  • Requiem for a Shithole

    Today, in the wake of the shittiest storm New York has ever seen, Manhattan’s shittiest dive bar is shuttering its doors for good. St. Jerome’s was a horrible and fantastic place, a peerless dump in the belly of the Lower East Side where I used to DJ...

  • Chef's Night Out: The Meatball Shop

    Chefs Daniel Holzman and Michael Chernow of NYC's The Meatball Shop know more than just how to make meatballs—they know how to have a damn good time.

  • Les Krims

    These manipulated Polaroids were originally published in the 1975 book, Fictcryptokrimsographs: A Book-Work by Les Krims (Humpy Press).