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  • We Spoke with Laura van den Berg About 'The Isle of Youth'

    This was a great year for the short story. For me, the best part of short stories in 2013 was Laura van den Berg's second collection, The Isle of Youth. I emailed with the author about existential film noir, MacGuffins, and the strangeness of...

  • Tamara Faith Berger Writes Coming-of-Age Novels About Porn and Teen Sex

    To read Tamara Faith Berger's novels is to acknowledge that she isn't your mother's coming-of-age novelist. Tamara famously cut her literary teeth writing for smut magazines, and her novels are first-person accounts of young girls' sex with pedophiles...

  • Workshop Workshop

    If you want to write highbrow fiction today, you’ve probably at least considered getting a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing.