• Billy's Boudin Balls Are the Biggest of Them All

    In Louisiana, boudin sausage is king. The recipe for boudin balls—the round, large, meaty, spicy boudin that's fried in a thick layer of batter—at Billy's Boudin & Cracklin is a closely kept secret of the Frey family.

  • There's an Edible Horror Farm Coming to England

    There's an edible horror farm coming to the UK, full of dripping sponge cake pig carcasses. Because nothing says "I love you" like a sugary sawn-off pig trotter, it's a perfect place to take a date, then.

  • The USDA Doesn't Want Us to Eat Lungs

    There's a USDA ban on one of the key ingredients in Scotland's national dish, haggis, which has kept it from American plates for 40 years. If he weren't dead, Robert Burns would be pissed.

  • Billy Bragg's Guide to British Cuisine

    When people come to visit me from America, I often take them to a place where there are these amazing standing stones. It's like Stonehenge, but bigger. This stone circle is so enormous that there's a village in the middle of it. It's...

  • How-To: Make Haggis

    Ben Reade, a native Scotsman and the head of culinary research and development at the Nordic Food Lab, walks us through the labor of lamb love.

  • Real Scientists Are Creating the Best Hangover Cure Ever

    Forget the coconut water and bullshit herbal remedies. This mimics the way your liver actually works.