• A Big Night Out in... Magaluf!

    Surveying the chaos in the "Brits abroad" Holy Land.

  • British Tourists Are the Lousiest Tourists in the World

    This is why.

  • Magaluf Is a Paradise

    Once upon a time, Majorca was just an island. And then people came along and provided human traffic for thousands of nightclubs and bars. And in those nightclubs and bars, they danced and binge drank. That spilled over onto the beaches, and people...

  • We Went to a Foam Party in Magaluf

    Last week, some PR company offered to fly me to Magaluf to write about some club. I have no idea why they asked me, or why they wanted their club in VICE, but I can't afford to go away this summer. So heeere we go!