• This Guy Eats Like a King for Free Around the World

    Australia-born photographer Shantanu Starick travels the world on other people's dimes, exchanging his services behind the shutter for food, lodging, and transport. He doesn't take a dollar from his hosts, and yet he manages to eat better than most of...

  • The Mangy Cats of Marrakech Need Names

    The best thing about Marrakech is its out-of-control cat population. I like naming the cats and picking them up no matter how filthy they are.

  • Moroccans Are Sick of Their Country's Pedophile Problem

    When convicted Spanish pedophile Daniel Fino Galvan was pardoned by the king of Morocco last month, ferocious protests erupted all over the country. In response to the widespread outrage, the king revoked the pardon and Galvan was rearrested a few days...