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  • We Should Think About Eating Squirrel

    The US and the UK are overrun with gray squirrels. Should we see beyond their cuteness and start eating them more? We had a chat with chef Robert Owen Brown, who believes squirrel isn't just a great austerity meat, but is also completely delicious.

  • Britain Is Freaking Out Over Halal

    Since The Sun newspaper ran its front page splash on how a British restaurant chain served only halal meat, Britons have been up in arms over animal rights. But there's something darker at play.

  • Meet the Therapist Who's the Only Female Slaughterer in the UK

    Ruth Tudor, a slaughterer and psychologist, runs The Meat Course at Trealy Farm in Wales, which aims to help people connect with the reality of farming animals for meat. Having never seen a slaughter myself, I rang Ruth for a chat.

  • Well-Aged Meat Will Not Kill You

    The idea behind the culinary process of aging meat might sound like a Russian roulette of botulism, but I'm keen on aging fish, chicken guts, and all sorts of red meat because it adds a type of complexity to your food that you never knew existed.

  • Foamy Platform Shoes Are All the Rage at Argentina's Cowboy Fair

    I recently visited La Feria de Mataderos, a gaucho festival located in the middle of Buenos Aires' central meat market, where I ate delicious things like empanadas and Morcilla blood sausage while old toothless old men sang to me.

  • How-To: Make Lard Biscuits With Cara Nicoletti

    A former pastry chef, fourth generation butcher, and food writer/blogger of, Cara makes the flakiest, airiest lard biscuits we've ever tasted north of the Mason-Dixon line.

  • What Happens to Our Meat When Butchering Stops Being Cool?

    I'm a fourth generation butcher, and I've watched the craft quickly transform into the hippest job in the culinary world. But I'm worried that its popularization has watered down the purpose of small craft butcher shops.

  • This Billboard for Rabbit Pizza Is Made From Dead Rabbit Parts

    The internet was up in arms—sorry, paws—yesterday over a New Zealand pizza chain erecting a billboard to try and sell their smoked rabbit pizza that was plastered with rabbit pelts and the line, "Made from real rabbit. Like this billboard."

  • Here's the Rub Behind the (Slightly) Racist Ribs in 'House of Cards'

    Welcome to our new column, FAT TV, in which we dissect the relationship of food on the small screen. For our first installment, we turn to Netflix's House of Cards, where even the most chillingly devious of politicians can't resist a nice rack...

  • We Need to Quit Our Obsession with Meat

    Everyone from chefs to food bloggers loves artisanal meat, but maybe we should be paying a bit more attention to just how bad stuffing our stomachs full of animal flesh is.

  • Steakhouses Are a Lot Like Hip-Hop

    For many business people, steakhouses act as culinary armaments of power. Within the genre of hip-hop, an artist's talent lies within their signature style. And like hip-hop, steakhouses are the restaurant genre where the ingredients yearn to...

  • Chef's Night Out: Daniel Castaño

    When Colombians get together, they roll deep. So when we went to Bogotá to sample former Mario Batali pupil Daniel Castaño's classical Italian fare at his restaurant, Emilia Romagna, we brought a big-ass bus to cart around the crew.