meeting your heroes

  • Don't Kill Your Heroes, Don't Even Meet Them

    When you meet your heroes, you miss out on the true value of having a hero: the opportunity to learn about yourself.

  • The Time I Met...

    BEASTIE BOYS Glenn G: Somewhere around 1988, one of, if not the first record that I ever bought was a copy of the Double A side of “Shake That Rump” and “Hey Ladies” by the Beastie Boys. I was quite young and it helped change my perspective...

  • Can We Meet Heroes?

    It's good to have heroes. They're the people you admire, who inspire and influence you and who ensure that your screen saver is different from everyone else's. If this is the case, it also makes sense to assume that they are the people you'd most like...

  • From Fan to Clan

    If you created a pie graph indicating the incidences of people meeting their creative heroes, you’d find a massive piece of pie representing all the people who never get to experience an encounter. Next would be a small piece of pie for the people who...

  • A Guide to the Art of Conversation

    Whether your creative hero is a musician, actor, skater, filmmaker, designer, blogger, dancer, professional ratbag or another variety of artist altogether, the most important thing to remember is that they’re not normal

  • It’s All in the Detail

    Being a hero is cool. You’re allowed to be self-indulgent and in some cases, you even get your own personal chef. Plus, people of the opposite sex like you even if you’re hideous. Unfortunately there’s also the pressure of having to be consistently at...

  • Play the Maze and Get Backstage

    Illustration by Douglas Holgate.

  • Really Liking Stuff a Lot

    Susan Batho truly believes in fandom as a way of life. In the 25 years that she’s been involved, Susan has produced over 400 fanzines and remains Australia’s most prolific science fiction fan editor. She was the founder and president of the longest...

  • Into the Inner Sanctum

    Our friend James sneaks backstage at gigs all the time. It helps playing in a few bands and having a few connections, but most of the time, he’s still manically trying to counterfeit crew passes or talk his way onto a door list. Here are his top five...

  • So, Really, Who Would You Like to Have a Beer With?

    Who would you most like to meet in the world?

  • Meet the Winners

    Four creative intrepid hopefuls were sent on an 18-day mission with a six pack, $12,000 and their very own camera crew with the singular goal of meeting their respective creative heroes. From all accounts they had a hell of a time

  • A Guy Who Rules at Math Explains the Theory

    The idea of a web of relationships linking everyone on earth dates back to a 1929 story.