megg mogg owl

  • The Line for Anne Frank's House Is Too Long

    Owl showed up to save Megg and Mogg, but it seems like they've saved themselves. Now they're back to being jerks.

  • The Mystery of the Glass Dildos

    Owl has shown up in Amsterdam to save Megg and Mogg's relationship. He also has a suitcase full of glass dildos. Where did those come from?

  • Owl Is Coming to Amsterdam to Rescue Megg and Mogg

    Megg and Mogg are starting to feel less miserable in Amsterdam now that Owl, their friend and punching bag, is coming to save them from themselves.

  • Werewolf Jones Has Feelings for You

    Megg and Mogg are having a terrible time in Amsterdam, but Owl's not doing too well back home. He is currently burdened with the company of Werewolf Jones, the grossest person ever.

  • Eating McDonald's in the Rain in Amsterdam

    Megg, a witch, and Mogg, her cat boyfriend, are still in Amsterdam. They are having a terrible, awful, no-good time. There are just too many jocks.

  • High and Crying in an Amsterdam Hotel Room

    Previously, Megg and Mogg had arrived in Amsterdam. They forgot their antidepressants and were freaked out by all the jocks. Now, they've retreated to their hotel. It's not looking good.

  • Owl's Finally Home Alone

    While his piggish roommates are off in Amsterdam, Owl is taking the opportunity to clean the apartment and take a romantic bath. But here comes Werewolf Jones to fuck everything up!

  • Megg and Mogg Get High in Amsterdam

    Megg and Mogg are in Amsterdam and they are getting very, very high.

  • Down the Hatch

    Megg and Mogg are on their way to Amsterdam and are taking all sorts of great pill combinations to deal with the flight. This comic will be very funny to anyone who's ever ridden a plane before.

  • Owl's Not Invited to Amsterdam

    Megg and Mogg are going to Amsterdam so they can have some quality couple time.

  • Body Freakout

    Everyone's having body issues at Megg and Mogg's house, so will EVERYONE PLEASE JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP?

  • Twin Peaks Marathon

    Megg and Mogg are hosting a costumed Twin Peaks marathon party, which would be a lot of fun if Megg wasn't almost cheating on Mogg.