mexican cuisine

  • Squeezing Burrata Balls with New York’s Favorite Mexican Chef

    I’m in a London restaurant basement and Enrique Olvera is teaching me to prepare a dish fusing fresh tomato and burrata. “We don’t like to plate with too much fuss or stuff,” he explains.

  • Make This Vegan Day of the Dead Bread All Year Long

    "All of our lives, we've been told that pan de muerto can't be made without eggs, that the yeast cannot be activated properly without milk, and any bread without butter doesn't taste good," say Mariana Blanco and Yisus Pallares. "It's not true."

  • Chiles en Nogada Are a Taste of Mexican Summer

    After more than 20 years of cooking chiles en nogada—stuffed poblano peppers draped in a velvety walnut sauce—the dish is still a mystery to me.

  • The Future of Food According to Andrew Zimmern

    I joined chef and Bizarre Foods host Andrew Zimmern in Oaxaca, where we ate stone soup and a salsa made from fatty ants, and talked about whether the future was full of Soylent or insect protein.

  • Angelyne Is Still LA's Billboard Queen

    Before Kim and Paris, there was Angelyne. The woman who pretty much invented the whole "famous for being famous" thing talks with us about her iconic billboards, God, and the time she had an out-of-body experience.

  • Guadalajara's Tortas Ahogadas Are Better Than Church

    The people of Guadalajara know what they want in a sandwich. The torta ahogada—a pork-stuffed baguette swamped in so much spicy salsa that it must be eaten with a spoon—is a local hangover cure and a compelling reason to skip church.