Middle Eastern cuisine

  • This Portland Restaurant Wants to Remake Iraq's Image

    Portland's Dar Salam isn't your run-of-the-mill Middle Eastern restaurant. Owner Ghaith Sahib, who survived a car bomb in Baghdad in 2005, and his American wife have made it their mission to rehabilitate Iraq in the American mind through their food.

  • The Middle East Really Likes Vegan Snack Bars

    While British diners were busy gorging on Ottolenghi and tabbouleh, the Middle East developed a taste for dairy and gluten-free UK imports.

  • Black Tahini Is the Dark Magic of Palestine

    In the ancient city of Nablus in the West Bank, Palestinians make an inky black version of tahini called qizha that's just about impossible to source outside of the region. Finding it has become a minor personal obsession.

  • Persian Food Is a Goldmine for the Intolerant

    Middle Eastern cuisine might not seem like a good option for those with problematic bellies, but it turns out that the largely wheat and dairy free food of Persia is an untapped goldmine for the intolerant.

  • The 1,000-Year-Old Hangover Cure

    After a drunken evening of weed-infused wine, you're probably feeling a bit hazy. Take a page from the Arab world's oldest cookbook and treat that hangover with some comfort food fit for a caliph.

  • Syrian Toshkas Recipe

    A grilled pita filled with a thin layer of spiced, ground meat, Aleppan cheese, and thinly sliced tomatoes.