mile high club

  • We Asked Mile High Club Members How They Did it

    "As we went past the flight attendants on the way out, one said 'Be more subtle next time.'"

  • Raunchy Tales from the Pilot of a Mile-High Club Plane

    Pilot David MacDonald makes a living flying folks around—while they get it on in the back of his plane.

  • Flight Attendants See Some Crazy Shit

    Few people are more put upon and overlooked than flight attendants. Here, we complied some of their wildest stories—including BDSM mile high club attempts and multigenerational gravy fights.

  • New Ways to Have Sex

    Let half a stick of butter melt in your mouth. This can take a long time. Try to sit still. It will feel less rewarding if you move even slightly. When the butter feels mostly melted, push your tongue against the harder parts. Make them melt against...