mission cantina

  • The Truth Eats Your Salad Days

    Memory Lane can be a scary place, unless you're a sociopath or an idiot. But for the rapper Scarface, who is ingrained in my childhood, the past doesn't mean the same things to him as it does to me.

  • In My Words: Danny Bowien

    Take a peek as we dive headfirst into the world of Danny Bowien, critically acclaimed chef and co-founder of Mission Chinese Food and Mission Cantina in San Francisco and New York City.

  • Super Bowl Finger Food

    There are two types of Super Bowl viewers: those who actually watch the football, and those who spend the game cramming their mouths full of whatever delicious greasy grub is at hand. Here's our visual guide to eating on the second most gluttonous day...

  • Super Bowl Finger Food

    Super Bowl food is an event in itself, the most gluttonous day on the American finger food calendar. On this day, the greasy, fried concoctions, dips, and booze we all love scores a real touchdown (that's a football reference).

  • Saves the Day Showed Up at a Mexican Restaurant and Played for 25 People Last Night

    It was intimate, delicious, and totally insane.