• The Murderer Who Escaped in Montreal Is Still Missing

    Remember that prisoner who escaped while serving a life sentence for beating and killing a woman? Well, despite a national warrant for his arrest, 56 year-old Jean-Pierre Duclos is still on the loose and police don’t seem to be any closer to finding...

  • Hey Montreal, Your City Has an Escaped Murderer In It

    Have you seen this recently escaped murderer? His name is Jean-Pierre Duclous, and in 1991, he beat a woman, shot her through the heart, wrapped her body up in a sheet, and tied it in a knot. He also just escaped from police custody.

  • The Murdering Psychopaths of Black History

    I think it’s high time the world learns that black people can be insane, too. True equality will come when we can all acknowledge that we’re all human, and humans are capable of being really shitty to each other. Here are a few of the most notable...