Muslim world in flames

  • Revolutionary Youth Return to Streets in Cairo

    On Friday, the revolutionary youth returned, as the "Ahrar Movement" protesters, who rejected both the military rule and the Muslim Brotherhood. They called for a new system, one free from the Muslim Brotherhood, the Army, or the old Mubarak regime.

  • Protests Continue in War-Torn Cairo

    The number of Muslim Brotherhood and pro-Morsi supporters dropped on Monday's protests in Giza, but it was only a couple of hours before altercations took place between the protesters and nearby pro-Army civilians.

  • Teenagers and Salafists Storm the American Embassy in Tunisia

    The first Tunisian Revolution was carried out by the educated middle class, who fought to end corruption and petty authoritarianism. After Ben Ali fled to Saudi Arabia, the Salafists ("Islamists") were let out of jail and took advantage of the power...