Naked People

  • Piotr Sokul Photographs Bloody Hands and Naked People

    Piotr Sokul is a well-educated deviant-documentarian. Based in Vienna and educated in law, I recall him asking us to pull photographs from his zine as he 'feared half his town would kill him.' We stuck the remaining copies in a box and within the week...

  • Odessa Is a Paradise

    According to photographer Tchane Okuyan, "Odessa resembles a huge beach party, or a big orgy. The nightclubs are near the sea, the alcohol is very cheap, the girls are beautiful, and they'll fuck you for a few glasses of champagne…" That sounds like...

  • Bedu

    "Bedu" completes Jim Mangan's trilogy on the subject of rebirth, which includes "Winter's Children," used in the VICE June 2010 issue, and "Color'd," used as the cover and feature in the VICE 2011 Photo Issue.