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  • The New King of Coke (Part 5)

    In the final part of the five-part series, VICE News travels to Washington, DC, to see how both sides of the US war on drugs view the global shift in cocaine production from Colombia to Peru.

  • The New King of Coke (Part 4)

    In part four of the five-part series, VICE News meets foreigners who have served time in Peruvian prisons for drug trafficking, who are now stuck in Peru on parole.

  • The New King of Coke (Part 3)

    In part three of the five-part series, VICE News spends the night with a Peruvian cocaine producer as he cooks the drug in an underground lab in Lima.

  • The New King of Coke (Trailer)

    Peru is now the world's leading producer of cocaine. VICE News traveled there to find out how this new title is forcing the military to ramp up, and the government to crack down.

  • I Took a Trip Down Tajikistan's 'Heroin Highway'

    The proliferation of flashy cars in one of the poorest countries in the world has led to a new local saying: “It is no longer ‘How much did it cost?’ but ‘How many kilos did it cost?’" A study released in 2007 estimated that drug money added up to 3...

  • Afghanistan's Opium Problem Won't Get Any Better This Year

    "It is widely thought that every drug organization supports or works with insurgents in Afghanistan," said one official.