• Cheese Is Your Hangover's Best Friend

    Hangovers are the worst. The next time you awake to the pulsing pain of too many libations, skip over the fried fish sandwich that will inevitably make you hurl, and pull out a chunk of cheese to nibble the nausea away.

  • How to Never Be Enough

    So Sad Today is a never-ending existential crisis played out on Twitter in 140 characters or less. Its anonymous author has finally decided it's time to project her anxieties on a larger screen, starting with today's column on how to never be enough.

  • The Weed-Induced Disease That Makes You Throw Up and Take Scalding Hot Showers

    Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome is a real thing that can happen to you if you smoke too much pot.

  • Seriously Though, Why Are All These Salmonella Outbreaks Happening?

    Lately, the news seems to be clogged up with stinky situations: salmonella outbreaks. But how and why do these outbreaks occur, and who is to blame for our intestinal disasters, especially with the Food Safety Modernization Act in play?