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  • 'Teen Tatler' Is the Lifestyle Bible for Britain's Richest Schoolgirls

    The UK doesn't need spy mics to discover what the upper class think: They just read Tatler, a brazen document of Britain’s true class system. It's a lifestyle magazine for people who know what "truffle consomme" is and what you're supposed to do...

  • Invasion of the Cloned Horses

    The American Quarter Horse Association is “the world’s largest equine breed registry.” Now they’re going to get even larger, because a US court has ruled they must accept cloned horses' applications to join their exclusive club. Predictably, the...

  • How People Like Mark Zuckerberg Get "Free Money"

    Mark Zuckerberg just refinanced his Palo Alto mansion for an exorbitantly low rate of 1.05 percent, according to a "report by Bloomberg": Why would the...

  • Facebook for the Rich and Famous: A Chat with Matt Quinn

    "They were looking for off the shelf software that would meet their needs."