Pauline Marois

  • The PQ Has Been Humiliated

    After a surprisingly drawn out fall from grace, the PQ has been humiliated after a crushing loss to the Liberals. Is this the end of the sovereignty movement? And how will the Liberals tackle Quebec's various challenges?

  • The 'Charter of Shame' Is Threatening Quebec’s Minority Rights

    Critics say it infringes on certain provisions in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, such as freedom of expression and religion.

  • The PQ Is In Big Trouble

    Just a few weeks ago, it looked like Quebec's separatist party were going to cruise to a big win in this April's election, but a perfect storm of bad hires, bizarro conspiracy theories, and accusations of ignoring the principal issues have turned...

  • Five Myths About Québec’s Language Laws

    Early 2013 saw the resurrection of an issue most of us Quebecers wish we could bury alongside Céline Dion’s unsullied youth: The so-called “language wars” of Canada’s outsider province.