• Polygamist Mormon Sect Accused of Using Local Police to Bully Non-Members

    Two US towns settled by fundamentalist Mormons are being sued by the Department of Justice for systematically discriminating against non-fundamentalist residents.

  • The Polygamy Opera Hits Vancouver

    Love, death, betrayal and redemption are timeless narratives found in the opera, but the 21st century has opened up the scene to topics like Nixon, Steve Jobs—and even polygamy.

  • Everything I've Learned About Sex

    We put together a compendium of carnal knowledge to help you navigate the topsy-turvy landscape of today's dynamic fuckvironment. You're welcome.

  • Shoppers' Credit Cards Were Compromised, and an EPA Official Stole Thousands of Taxpayer Dollars

    This week, thousands of Target shoppers discovered their credit card information had been corrupted, a judge sentenced an EPA official to 32 months in prison for stealing taxpayer money, and the Sister Wives cast's lawsuit invalidated parts of...

  • After Gay Marriage, Why Not Polygamy?

    The idea that after gay marriage is legalized, polygamy will be next—and then bestiality and legal unions between lawn mowers and volumes of the Encyclopedia Britannica and so on—is one of the main arguments that social conservatives trot out to...

  • The Mexican Mormon War

    The Mexican drug cartels are at war... with Mormons. VICE founder Shane Smith went down to Ciudad Juárez, near the US border, to investigate this bizarre story. Here's Part 1 of our documentary filled with guns, drugs, murder, and Romneys.

  • Is Monogamy the Best We Can Do?

    Wouldn't it be better to just have sex with more people, all of the time?

  • I Am Not an Animal

    I mean, if you're going to commit to the institution of marriage in the first place, why settle for one wife when you can have three or four?