Presidential election 2012

  • Florida's Election Hangover

    By about 11:15 PM, the election was over and Floridians were still voting. On the bright side, that meant Florida didn't even have a chance to fuck this one up. In fact, many Floridians missed the election results because they were still in line...

  • Voter Suppression: Did It Happen in Ohio?

    We watched a Republican poll worker reject a black girl with a blonde dye job and a pink hoodie. The 866-OUR-VOTE people caught her on her way out and asked why she'd been rejected. She was vague on the reasons. They told her to go back in and insist...

  • Voting in Florida: Not a Total Shit Show... Yet

    It's ludicrous that Election Day isn't a national holiday. A friend who was called for jury duty was told by a clerk that voting is not a legitimate excuse to miss it. You can only perform one civic duty at a time, so vote today and risk contempt of...

  • Jay-Z: 99 Problems but a Mitt Ain’t One

    Bruce Springsteen came on stage to support Obama. I mean, I have a fucking Bruce Springsteen tattoo and even I was a little baffled by what the hell he was doing up there. Then Jay-Z came on and rapped about Mitt Romney.

  • My Last Column About the Presidential Election (Really)

    You may gather that I don't consider the 2012 election itself much of a story, and you'd be right. It'll appear to be tight, but it really won't be. Here's my prediction.