Ryan McGinley

  • Gilles Larrain

    I can't remember when I first saw the book Idols by Gilles Larrain. Published in 1973, it's a collection of studio portraits of trannies, gender-benders, and just generally awesome-looking people in New York City.

  • El Hombre Arana

  • The Kids Were Alright

    These are photos from the fucked-up party days, from when Ryan first started taking pictures of all his crazy friends up to when he had his solo show at the Whitney Museum, which flung him like a wet young noodle into the boiling pot of the art world.

  • Vice Fashion - Out Of The Closet

    The wardrobe of Ryan McGinley.

  • Dick Face

    I spent two weeks making 500 hand-drawn balloons for Jack Walls’s 50th birthday party. It was my present to him.