salt baked fish

  • Perfect Salt-Baked Fish Recipe

    It's super fucking simple, and adds a bit of flavor as well. Kind of a no-brainer, am I right?

  • How-To: Salt Baked Fish

    Salt baking a fish is way easier than you think.

  • The Dinner Bell: A Birthday Dinner in the North Fork

    In the series premiere of the Dinner Bell, artist and chef Julia Ziegler-Haynes prepares a summer dinner of apricot crostini, salt-baked fish, and summer pudding for some musical friends.

  • Welcome to The Dinner Bell

    Remember the contest that Toys R Us hosted in the 80s where you raced against the clock, grabbing every toy in sight, dashing up and down the store's aisles with an overburdened cart and trying not to lose bowel control? That is basically me when let...

  • Easy Salt-Baked Fish Recipe

    Making perfectly cooked fish is easy when you smother it in salt, stuff it with lemon, herbs, and fennel.