september 2016

  • Gemini, September 2016

    Your ruling planet, Mercury, is retrograde. September isn't easy, but you handle it!

  • Capricorn, September 2016

    ​September is all about communication, finding new ways of thinking, and sharing your ideas with the world.

  • Pisces, September 2016

    This is a big month for your relationships, Pisces.

  • Virgo, September 2016

    Happy solar return, Virgo! There's a solar eclipse in your sign this month.

  • Leo, September 2016

    September is dramatic, just like you, and money is on your mind.

  • Sagittarius, September 2016

    This month isn't easy, but it will bring big changes, and change is good!

  • Libra, September 2016

    September is filled with drama, but the Sun will enter your sign, which is pretty cool.

  • Cancer, September 2016

    This is a busy month for you, Cancer. Two emotional eclipses come your way this September!

  • Aries, September 2016

    September is stressful, but you can handle it! Your whole routine is going to change this month.

  • Your Monthly Horoscope: September, 2016

    Mercury is retrograde for most of this month, which sucks. We also have two eclipses to contend with, which will bring lots of drama!

  • Scorpio, September 2016

    Between Mercury retrograde and two eclipses, you'll be very busy this month, Scorpio.

  • Aquarius, September 2016

    September is super emotional, Aquarius! The eclipses this month will totally transform you.