sex slaves

  • The Hangover News

    Buckingham Palace twice denied that Prince Andrew had sexual relations with a "sex slave".

  • I Can't Decide Whether I Want to Have a Sex Slave

    Men keep trying to get me to dominate them—financially, physically, and emotionally. The only problem is, I don't even know if I actually enjoy it.

  • Steven Seagal Is the Lamest Guy Ever

    In a 2002 profile in Vanity Fair, martial artist Gene LeBell claimed he choked out Steven during an Aikido exhibition, causing Seagal to poop in his pants. Steven denies it ever happened.

  • Hannah's Slave

    Photos by Babette Pauthier with styling and art direction by Hannah Logic and Kristina McCormick.

  • Is the Burmese Military Keeping Rohingya Women as Sex Slaves?

    During my week in Sittwe, Burma, with the help of those who accompanied me, I obtained evidence that strongly implies that the Burmese military is imprisoning Rohingya women from the Arakhan region and using them as sex slaves.

  • Slave Update

    About a year ago, back when I was living in a shithole in south London, my squatmates and I briefly owned a slave. We found him through his personal ad on “Chore Slave Seeks Dominant Abusive Master,” I believe it said.