sexual orientation

  • Heartbreak Is Hard, Even When Your Lover Is the Eiffel Tower

    Objectum sexuals are people who fall in love with objects, but that doesn't mean their relationships are free from drama and pain.

  • We Went to a Convention for Gay Police Officers in Berlin

    The image of the gay cop has been fetishized to death over the last few decades. Tom of Finland, Village People, George Michael, and so many others have done their darndest to cement the homo cop into the public psyche, but it's a safe bet that none of...

  • Sandusky Will Die in Prison, and We Talked to a Pedophilia Expert

    A judge in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania sentenced Jerry Sandusky to 30 to 60 years behind bars today. We spoke to Fred Berlin, a psychiatrist at Johns Hopkins University who believes pedophilia is a sexual orientation, similar to homosexuality or...