• Scenes from a Mexican Black Mass

    For three days every March, witches and warlocks gather in Catemaco to burn pentagrams and summon the devil.

  • Shamanic Pantaloons and Pizza Rolls

    Each week, we ask readers to submit their most hilarious, awkward, and downright sad stories about being drunk or high to help you feel a bit better about whatever the fuck you did last night.

  • Colombian Hallucinogenic Tea Taught Me a Lot About Myself

    Inside the temple, the gnostic Shamanists had all their bases covered. Glittering posters of the Hindu deity Krishna hung next to paintings of Jesus Christ and drawings of creaturesque statues from a pre-Incan civilization. I took a sip of the yagé tea...

  • Blond:ish Seek Spiritual Guidance, Peyote, And a Theremin

    "We're taking a bubble bath together. Sorry, I didn't mean to give it away, but the bubbles were running low."

  • Blood Sacrifice in Sumba

    Sumba, an island in the Indonesian archipelago. It is the setting for annual ritual battles called Pasola. A fight between rival clans that hurl spears on horseback, to "fertilize" the soil with spilled human blood.

  • Blood Sacrifice in Sumba - Trailer

    Sumba is an island the size of Jamaica in the Indonesian archipelago that has been cut off from the rest of the world for so long that its ancient animistic traditions survive to this day. It is the setting for ritual battles called Pasola which take...