shark fin soup

  • These Activists Swim with Sharks So You'll Stop Killing Them

    Paul Wildman and Julie Andersen have been filming themselves swimming with sharks to make people less afraid of them. Sure, they're not teddy bears, but they probably won't eat you unless you really aggravate them.

  • Painting "Goose Paws" in China Will Get You Thrown in Jail

    A man is on trial in China for painting goose feet and abalone to make them look more appetizing, because it's illegal to serve food with inedible ingredients. Add that to the long, weird, and terrifying list of food scandals to hit the country...

  • Shark Fin Soup Is Going Extinct

    Good news, sharks: A new report from WildAid claims that Chinese sales of shark fin have fallen by 50 to 70 percent. You could thank conservation groups, but you should also wave a fin at anti-corruption efforts that have made decadent eating unpopular.