Shot By Kern

  • Richard Kern's Throwing a Release Party Tonight for 'Girl Friend Boy Friend'

    He'll be selling 100 pairs of underwear and 300 copies of his new book. All you need to do is RSVP.

  • Check Wash ‘N’ Set's 'Private Play' Mixtape

    This is the perfect shit to bump this summer on the beach or by the pool when you've just tapped a keg and you want the guys and gals around you to feel sexy and have a good time. It's catchy and what it might lack in mic skills and substance, it makes up

  • Los Angeles

    In part 2 of Kern's sojourn to Los Angeles, we head to the American Apparel factory.

  • Los Angeles

    Kern visits sunny Los Angeles and rounds up a bevy of California girls, including two soft-core porn stars who enjoy putting their tongues in between each other's toes.

  • New York City & Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

    A pair of sisters who have no problem being photographed while showering together in their mom's house.

  • Bulgaria

    Finding yourself in a place where each girl is hotter than the next is harder than you'd imagine.

  • Sweden

    Two stunning and relatively hairy girls show us why being unshaven is the latest craze in Stockholm.

  • The Fluffy, Pink World of Arvida Byström, Shot by Valerie Phillips

    It's full of nipple tassels, rainbow bracelets and cat stickers and you can go celebrate it tonight at a zine launch.

  • Denmark

    Chatting to Danish girls about erotic asphyxiation and masturbating with a shower head.

  • Czech Republic

    Pointing out all the big-breasted Eastern European girls on the streets of Prague.

  • Poland

    Meet Poland's most perfect boobs.

  • Russia

    Two of the bounciest girls in Russia make out in a pond while Richard reminisces about his indecorous adventures live on Russia Today.