Simon Hanselmann comics

  • Werewolf Jones Could Really Use Some Hugs Right Now

    Megg, Mogg, & Owl are still dealing with the fallout from discovering that their friend Werewolf Jones transformed their home into a fuck zone while they were in Amsterdam.

  • Fucking Around on Bikes

    It's all fun and games till Owl breaks a leg.

  • Owl Is Coming to Amsterdam to Rescue Megg and Mogg

    Megg and Mogg are starting to feel less miserable in Amsterdam now that Owl, their friend and punching bag, is coming to save them from themselves.

  • Eating McDonald's in the Rain in Amsterdam

    Megg, a witch, and Mogg, her cat boyfriend, are still in Amsterdam. They are having a terrible, awful, no-good time. There are just too many jocks.

  • Owl's Not Invited to Amsterdam

    Megg and Mogg are going to Amsterdam so they can have some quality couple time.

  • Twin Peaks Marathon

    Megg and Mogg are hosting a costumed Twin Peaks marathon party, which would be a lot of fun if Megg wasn't almost cheating on Mogg.

  • Payday

    The welfare money came in, so everyone's buying midnight candy bars.

  • Black Death

    What do you do when your dealer is spending time with his stupid and ugly kids? You search the cushions for weed crumbs and become very depressed.

  • Megg, Mogg, & Owl Go to Ikea

    In this episode, Megg, Mogg, and Owl go to Ikea. Things quickly get really gross and really romantic.

  • Owl Calls the Chronic Cowboy

    Megg is stoner witch, Mogg is her boyfriend cat, and Owl is the nebbish roommate whom they treat like garbage. In this week's installment Megg forces Owl to call up their drug dealer.

  • Someone has Worms

    Megg is a witch, Mogg is her cat/boyfriend. Together they get high and are a constant source of frustration for their roommate, Owl, who is trying his very hardest to hold it together. In this episode one of the gang has worms! Can you solve the...