• Snipers of Aleppo

    Over the last six months the FSA and the battle for Aleppo has transitioned from a full-on frontline assault into a slow-paced but still deadly sniper war.

  • The Robot That's Going to Save Syrians from Assad's Snipers

    Sniper alleys are rife in Syria. The specific locations of these death traps often aren't known until someone takes a wrong turn and gets shot. A dire side effect of these alleys is that others try to drag the wounded to safety, often getting...

  • Music Video Premiere: Leo Justi - "O Homen Mau (Sniper Queen)"

    Patrolling the rooftops of Rio de Janeiro, Sniper Queen wears his unmistakable fur coat and shiny wrestling tights, portraying himself as a superhero with a sniper rifle.

  • Snipers in Soho

    Walking around Central London on Michael Green's big day out.