Spanish food

  • This Is the Secret to Making a Great Paella

    However you choose to make or eat your paella—straight from the pan with a spoon is the original Spanish way—just make sure to remember that paella means family, sitting down around a table, and having a good time.

  • Dirty Work: Making Mushroom Toast and Spanish Summer Soup with Jose Garces

    We hang out with chef, restaurateur, and 'The Next Iron Chef' winner Jose Garces, as he whips up a few supremely delicious Spanish dishes—including a summer sausage soup and the best mushroom toast ever—using our garden's bounty.

  • Grilling Quail with a Forensic-Psychologist-Turned-Chef

    At Morito, the new East London outpost of famed Exmouth Market tapas restaurant Moro, head chef (and former forensic psychologist) Marianna Leivaditaki grills quail over charcoal before dressing with pomegranate molasses and Lebanese pistachios.