• Stoya on the Importance of Accurately Writing About Sex Work

    On-camera sex scenes are often edited and stitched together to create a final product that barely resembles what happened on set. Similarly, accounts of sex work can be altered through writing and editing to give people the wrong idea about the...

  • Stoya on Ovarian Cysts and Dressing for Porn Awards

    Modern medicine can offer me the ability to have my eggs frozen with a decent chance of turning one into a baby 20 years from now, but it can't help me stop the pain from ovarian cysts. With no happy ending in sight, I'm going to babble about the porn...

  • Stoya on the Great Condom Debate

    Mandatory Condom Use in Porn Is Poor Policy

  • The HIV Problem in Porn Is More Complicated Than Condoms

    You can't regulate away STDs, including AIDS.

  • Stoya on HIV Transmission in Pornography

    This week’s news that an adult performer named Cameron Bay tested positive for HIV has brought concern over porn practices back to mainstream attention, but the heterosexual adult industry has not had a single case of performer-to-performer HIV...

  • Stoya: Feminism and Me

    Shirking the F-word feels like turning my back on the women who fought to give me many of the advantages I have. So here goes: Hi, I’m Stoya. My politics and I are feminist... But my job is not.