sundays are for comics

  • Torture Castle Part Three

    Come one, come all to the Torture Castle! It's exactly like a carnival ride, except it's free and serves death instead of cotton candy.

  • Toxoplasmosis Part 4

    After a girl accidentally eats poison, a cat appears and tells her he will give her the antidote... if she kills President Mitt Romney.

  • Screw Everyone

    Dav is having one of those days. By “one of those days,” we mean he's dealing with fire, helicopters, and stupid itty bitty humans who refuse to shut up.

  • Batmon

    Alfred, there's a big turd coming out of the bat cave. Send in the toilet paper. Alfred? Are we out of toilet paper? Oh no. I'm going to have to find toilet paper. I'm going to have to... Dana nana nana nana BATMON!

  • Evicted

    The Blobby Boys are green, best friends, and about to get evicted. Kristoff decides to leave his friend and live off the land till he meets a rich kid, who mistakes him for an alien and invites him home. He's not an alien, but he plays along. The kid...

  • Clutch

    A guy was sitting on a chair outside his house drinking a beer and surveying the calm black-and-white woods, when a strange child walked up to him and touched his face. She disappeared; he thought her touch meant nothing. If only he knew what would...

  • Lasingo Part 1

    It's an average day for Lasingo the cyclops until he finds free liquor, drinks a bottle, and then decides to take a stroll through the night. Sounds familiar, right? It's like every Saturday night! Except, you know, it's about a cyclops, the liquor's...