• Rapid Enlightenment Machine

    If a machine could help get you up to speed with the times, so to speak, would you climb in?

  • Primary Color

    In a future where birds must be coded into the sky, a tech worker tries to live with his creation.

  • Orphic Hymns

    An epic space opera of Pluto, drugs, and final frontiers.

  • The Duchy of the Toe Adam

    Welcome to a planet where worshipping the wrong appendage can get you killed.

  • The Department of Suicide

    In a white concrete cell, a doctor from the DoS sat across a plastic table and questioned Catherine Gabriel as to why she had chosen misery over standard-issue happiness.

  • Big Rural

    In the not-so-distant future, rural America contends with the arrival of Big Solar.

  • Death and Other Gentrifying Neighborhoods

    In the not so distant future, on the shores of submerged Miami, a tale of sex, server farms, and the exploited human 'reboots' who keep the new world humming.

  • Nuclear Event Detector

    The product sheet is clear: Any claim against a dysfunctional nuclear event detector must be made within 90 days.

  • No Redemption

    An exclusive excerpt from Infinite Detail, the debut novel by Tim Maughan

  • Shutdown

    In the future, amidst a never-ending government shutdown, so much else begins to shut down, too.

  • Early Adopter

    This Valentine's Day, enjoy a timeless tale of courtship, love, and loss as experienced through the connective technologies of the internet age, and beyond.

  • Riverbed

    When Islamophobia, inequality, and climate change collide, well, this is How It Can Happen Here.