The Anti-Music Issue

  • Kara-not-ok

    Karaoke rooms are like pressure cookers for bad behavior. Evidently, something about being locked in a confined space with a bunch of overpriced alcohol and a machine that amplifies your warbling brings out the worst in people.

  • Records

    Back in the day, Saint-Saëns’s contemporaries called his work dull. Now his contemporaries are all like, “Uh...” and Saint-Saëns is all like, “What’s up, bitch?”

  • Bootlegging Inc.

    In 1969, two young hippies named Ken Douglas and Dub Taylor heard some unreleased Dylan material on one of the edgier LA radio stations. The station had acquired a copy of the illicit The Basement Tapes, which were, at that time, circulating...

  • Anarchy And Peace, Litigated

    If you pick up some crap book about the history of punk rock, chances are there will be about 90 pages dedicated to Joe Strummer’s jackets but only two sentences about Crass.

  • The VICE Guide to Not Being in a Band - Continued

    Here is the URL that we promised you in The Vice Guide to Not Being in A Band. It’s filled to the brim with educational information, tips, and tidbits to help you get out there and do something with yourself. Besides being in a band. Enjoy.

  • Musicians

    Behind the scenes of reality TV, there is a person called a story producer. Their job is to stand over an editor’s shoulder and craft countless hours of quotidian bullshit into compelling drama.

  • Vice Comics


  • Downloading Some Bullshit

    Many, many people believe that the Recording Industry Association of America is a giant hairy tumor on the neck of the music business.

  • Keeping It Bleak

    There are certain types of tours where you barely make it off the floor. And if you do, the couch is a sweet, sweet blessing.

  • The Boot

    Hey guys! We should all hang out like this more often!

  • The Boot

    Hey guys! We should all hang out like this more often!

  • All Music Is Shit To God

    Music is so embedded in all aspects of culture today that one rarely pauses to question the validity of the form itself. But is music even a legitimate form of art?