The Armpit of the Internet

  • Will 3D Hentai Kill the Human Porn Star?

    Poke around the crusty corners of the internet’s vilest porn repositories, and you’ll find that it doesn’t get much filthier than hentai. Freed of the body’s physical limitations, animated porn stars can keep guzzling demon semen long after Sasha Grey...

  • Here’s What’s Happening on the Internet’s Most Racist Forums

    Michelle Lhooq takes another stroll down the ass crack of the internet to find out what's happening on some of the web's most racist forums. Some of what she uncovers is so ignorant, it's almost as funny as it is sad. The glut of hate and negativity...

  • Leg Warmer Porn Is Gross

    Sheathing your legs in tubes of yarn while your feet dangle out in the cold is like popping mittens on your elbows. So why are these frumpy, outdated, and fundamentally absurd excuses for socks the source of so many boners on the internet?