The Conversations With Distinguished Gentlemen Issue

  • Suiting Up, Crusting Down

    Recently London was tousled by a series of riots led by outraged anarchists who were probably just really bored. As usual, it looked like a good time.

  • The Eyes Have It

    Photographer Aaron Huey recently traveled to the Islamic nation of Yemen. While there, he had the chance to photograph and chat with some young Yemeni women who wear the traditional Islamic niqab or burka.

  • War Is Hell, And Hell Sucks

    It’s about as clichéd to call a war book “harrowing” as it is to call a movie about a handicapped guy overcoming the odds a “triumph,” but I’ll be damned if this book didn’t harrow me out big-time.

  • Vice Fashion - Blackest Ever Black

    Photos by Ben RaynerStyling by Lauren Blane

  • Conquest Of The Useless

    In 1979, Werner Herzog approached 20th Century Fox to fund a movie, based on a true story, about an overzealous rubber baron who wishes to stage an opera in the middle of the Peruvian Amazon.

  • Surrogate Cocks, Inc.

    It happens to a lot of men. You meet a beautiful girl, and for some reason you can’t divine, she’s attracted to you. You get to know her, take turns putting your mouths in unspeakably awkward places, establish sides of the bed.

  • Elmore Leonard Is the Man

    Let’s just say this: Elmore Leonard, now going on 84 years old, is still cranking out perfectly detailed, thrilling, and hilarious stories of criminals at a pace that’s hard to believe.

  • Hock Talk

    Pawnshops are found in prime locations throughout Stockholm, but most have teensy, dreadful offices. We visited one of the larger chains, Pantbanken Sverige, and caught up with CEO Peter Sundström.

  • Borderline Bigots

    Each year hundreds of thousands of optimistic South and Central Americans travel north to see whether things might be less crappy for them in the United States. The problem is they have to cross Mexico to get there.

  • Sex Smells

    This stuff is supposed to make a man more irresistible to women than LL Cool J after bathing in a pool of Spanish fly, beaver musk, and balm of Gilead. It arrived last week, and boy does it reek.

  • Hock Talk

    If the worldwide financial crisis is a 195-car pileup caused by a bunch of manicured dicks in bespoke suits driving around drunk while rifling through a dossier of cooked-up financial portfolios, then pawnshops are the hospitals where the innocent...

  • Ripping The Universe A New One

    Last September, the opportunistic hypochondriacs who control the global media tried to convince us that the end of the universe was coming. This turned out to be an exaggeration.