The Death Issue

  • Plastic Jocks

    In the mid-’90s, New Jersey indie rock was in danger. The shoegazing movement started by those self-absorbed snaggletoothed Brits across the pond turned the scene into a bunch of bratty hipster suburbanites. Enter the 3.5 Megabytes.

  • Never Mind The Dogtown

    To make a long story short, Mark Rogowski-a.k.a. Gator, a.k.a. Gator Marc Anthony-is a man who became rich and famous as a pro skater starting in the '80s and is now 10 years into a life sentence for the brutal rape and murder of a woman he barely knew.

  • I'm Not Crazy

    Cage grew up just like every other kid in New York. He was into rapping, stealing, jocking girls, and lying. Eventually the usual petty shit led to some bad luck, and the bad luck led to probation.n. The judge insisted that one more fuck-up would get...

  • Dead Flowers

    Amy Gartrell's art is a strange and wonderful assortment of Day-Glo goth and new-age bummers...

  • The Saddest Day

    The two saddest things I ever saw in my life were about birds.

  • By Design

    Zeitergeist. Victorian patterns soon haunting a coffee-table book near you. Patterns are the shit. After years of cold, hard lines and over-teched fliers covered in arrows, the electronic-music scene is showing that it's ready for some tricked-out...