The Fashion Issue 2010

  • Dressed to Kill (or Be Killed)

    One of the key elements of bullfighting is the costume. Brightly colored and intricately embroidered with real silver and gold, appliqué and sequins, in Spanish they’re known as trajes de luces (“suits of lights”).

  • Bears Vs. Vikings

    Photos by Terry Richardson Costume design and styling by Wendy Wright at New York Costume

  • Metallic Package

    Recently, I found myself staring at a painting of Henry VIII-or, more accurately, staring at his kingly crotch in said painting-and I started to wonder, "What the heck was the deal with codpieces, anyway?"

  • All the Young Nudes

    Check out Ryan McGinley's photos from Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere

  • Artful Meanderings

    Jane Badler is easily best known for her role as Diana in the 80s sci-fi series, V, where she played a villainous alien lizard posing on earth as a friendly, stunning-looking human. The specific scene she's best remembered for is one in which she...

  • Stylin’

    When we heard a nearby mall had a personal styling service, we got curious. It made us think about how fast-moving trends and constant fashion critique in the media must impact on the minds of honest, hardworking people.

  • Requiescant in Vestitus

    Photos by Angela Boatwright, Styling by Annette Lamothe-Ramos

  • Shrouded History

    Let's Take a Look Behind the Veil.

  • In Lust

    Photos by Jill Greenberg, Concept and Modeling by Eric Wareheim and Yasmine Kittles, Styling by Amanny Ahmad

  • Karl Lagerfeld

    When Vice called me last month with an out-of-the-blue offer to fly to Paris and interview the Kaiser himself, Karl Lagerfeld - creative director of the $10 billion Chanel empire, the house of Fendi, and his own eponymous line - I jumped at the chance.

  • We Want War

    Matthew Stone is an artist who was a founder of the south London !WOWOW! collective and has exhibited his work internationally. These New Puritans are so loved by Planet Fashion that Hedi Slimane got them to soundtrack his 2007 Dior Homme show.

  • Girlfriends

    Photos by Gavin Watson, Styling by Mischa Notcutt