The Gangs Issue

  • Kiwi Congregation

    Now, before I continue let's get one thing clear, this is NOT a beat up on religion. Let's work on this premise; you don't shove your shit down my throat and I'll agree not to tell you to fuck off. It's really that simple.

  • Filipino Gangs

    The Sputnik gang is the biggest in the Philippines. It’s so enormous that it’s difficult to keep track of all the smaller, weaker branches at the bottom of its hierarchy.

  • Pregnant For 10 Years

    Laestadians are a Scandinavian version of the Amish. Modern life and all the deliciously sinful things that belong in it, like music (apart from hymns), dancing, TV, radio, the internet, and magazines are strictly verboten.

  • Vice Fashion - Elite Boys' Club Gang Rites

    Cambridge University is renowned for its elite clubs and societies which offer exclusive rights to its members, as well as huge networks of alumni in the best paid and influential jobs in the country. These people run the world.

  • American Aghori

    The fundamentals of Aghor-perhaps the most extreme religion in the world-are fantastically simple, though nonetheless repugnant to most. Repugnance, or rather the quest to overcome it, is in fact a central tenet of this belief system.

  • Tidbits

    We know you think your shit don’t stink but you can’t be sure until you clean it with dudu soap. It gets out those deep, brown shit stains that shit holds on to like its life depended on it.

  • I Joined Three Cults Simultaneously

    VICE made me join three cults for this issue: Adidam, the Moonies, and Aleph. Since Adidam tops the list of "controversial groups" at cult watchdog Rick Ross's website, I figured it'd be the best place to start.

  • Rich-Kid Gangster Roundtable

    Saratoga Springs is a little college town in upstate New York where we know some kids from the lecture series we put on for the Kids Issue. Figuring their sleepy little hamlet must be rife with street violence, we went back and asked them to tell us...

  • Laughter Yoga

    I was in Mumbai a little while ago, so I visited the Laughter Yoga club. That's this type of yoga where they meet in the park every morning and basically have group hysterics. It's not a club or anything-it's just a bunch of guys who get together and...

  • Riding With A Heroin Gang

    Selling drugs is wrong and illegal, but is it fun? I wanted to find out, so I found a gang of heroin dealers from one of the most economically deprived areas in London and hung out with them for a night so I could find out the answer to the above...

  • Stompers Reunion

    In June 2006, between 20 and 30 students from a technical college in Bangkok, Thailand, were gathered at a bar. A man who did not know these students made a disrespectful comment which led to the man’s death.

  • Cult Rapture

    The overwhelming, grey shittiness of Margaret Thatcher's Britain and its depressing soundtrack of soft rock, manufactured pop and pretentious indie is to blame for the cult of what we now know as "noise" music.