The Horse's Ass Issue

  • Who's Hungry?

    We all know that North Korea, one of the world's last socialist strongholds, has been facing a long-term economic emergency, with famine and poverty claiming 2 million lives a year at its peak.

  • Made In Taiwan

    Things that are awesome about ChthoniC: They're the biggest metal band in Taiwan, they're the first Asian band to tour with Ozzfest, they just put out an elaborately packaged ten-year anniversary DVD called A Decade on the Throne (no pun...

  • Horse Girls

    Photos by Richard Kern Styling by Annette Lamothe-Ramos

  • Tidbits

    LOADY AND SINUS ACTION FIGURESJohnny Ryan's comics are so stupid and gross and disgusting, they go full circle and become high-concept art that ivory tower academics should be discussing in some rich guy's salon. Therefore, by displaying...

  • Vice Fashion - Guitar Teacher

    Photos by Angela BoatwrightStyling by Annette Lamothe-RamosMike Bones is the favorite guitarist of every musician that you like in

  • vice Presents The People's Lists

    The People's Almanacs and the Books of Lists were two series of amazing books that were started by a father, son, and daughter in the 1970s. For us, they are a great feat of alternative reference material-kind of like Wikipedia before there was an...

  • Records

    SWIZZ BEATSOne Man Band ManWhen Swizzy first created Casio cacophonies for DMX, we thought he killed hip-hop. Years later, he's become the ultimate hip-hop Renaissance man

  • Heavy Traffic

    I was sent to Asia by the International Labor Organization (ILO) as part of an initiative called the Mekong Sub-regional Project to Combat Trafficking in Children and Women.

  • Slime Ballin'

  • Fucking Hippies

    Health play weird synth-pop with thundering heartbeat drums that kick the whole thing along so hard that you have to dance. They are part of the same LA DIY scene centred around The Smell that produced No Age and Mika Miko but these guys are closer to...

  • Roca De La Muerta

    They're Mexican, they're goth-they're Mexigoths. We've seen a lot of attention given to the subcultures of Mexican Morrissey fans and Mexican skaters like in Larry Clark's Wassup Rockers, but what about good old-fashioned corpse-painted...

  • Labor Day Bobby-que

    Bobby Seale was the founding chairman of the Black Panther Party.