The Humongous Fungus Among Us Issue

  • Tan Lines

    Photos and creative direction by Annette Lamothe-Ramos; styling by Miyako Bellizzi. Special thanks to the time-warped city of Wildwood, New Jersey.

  • Who Stole the Four-Hour Workday?

    A four-hour workday could solve a lot of our problems. If everyone worked fewer hours, there would be more jobs for the unemployed to fill. The economy wouldn't be able to produce quite as much, which means it wouldn't be able to pollute as much...

  • Portraits of the Diverse People Living in Britain's Run-Down Seaside Towns

    They’re simultaneously places where people long to be and long to leave.

  • Miami Is Drowning, and the Corals Couldn't Be Happier

    Every square inch of Miami Beach will, at some point, succumb to the ocean. In the meantime, the artist-scientists at Coral Morphologic will be discovering and photographing new species of zoanthids—small, flowery, pod-like relatives of coral that look...

  • Mogadishu Summer

    Ever since fundamentalist al Shabaab militants were chased from the city by an African Union peacekeeping force three years ago, Lido Beach has become a trope for peace, the stage for Mogadishu’s renaissance.

  • Leather Granddaddies

    His collection includes an original Diego Rivera, sculptures by Nancy Grossman, and, most notably, one of the world’s largest assortments of vintage ephemera and relics from New York City's gay leather scene.

  • Okay

    Paul Maliszewski is one of the strangest, most original people we know and one of just a few living real writers. "Okay" is a short story about a husband whose wife suggests that she have sex with strange men while he watches.

  • How Albanian Lives Are Wrecked by Cycles of Vengeance

    Gjakmarrja, the tradition of blood feuds, has been a part of Albanian culture since the 15th century, when a set of laws called the Kanun of Lekë Dukagjini held that a murder victim’s family could avenge his death by killing a male member of the...

  • Earth Girls Are Easy

    Photos by Brianna Capozzi and styling by Haley Wollens.

  • Country Recess Children's Whiskey

    A Country Recess boy knows the best things in life are worth waiting for.

  • Kenny G Adventures

    Look! A nerd!

  • Music Reviews

    These days, most porno flicks look like videotaped pap-smear examinations, and the limp-dick garbage that labels pass off as “baby-making music” is produced by pedophiles, domestic abusers, and hacks who think phrases like “beat that pussy up” are...