The Lies Issue

  • Literary/I Want My DVDs

    We are usually against necrophilia, but if there is one corpse that deserves to have slow, magical love made to it, it’s John Belushi’s. He represents a golden era of comedy celebrity, and the world will never see the likes of him again.

  • Kitty-cide

    Tragically for cat-lovers, Chester is just a small drop of sad rain in an ever-expanding ocean of feline depression. A newly-identified condition dubbed Feline Reactionary Misanthrope Syndrome (FRMS) is affecting domestic cats throughout the United...

  • Electric Independence

    I’ll tell you what, sometimes it’s hard maintaining a level of professional enthusiasm every month for a load of records that, with the odd exception, basically sound the same.

  • Whores Don't Wear Panties

    I suppose it’s true, you do learn something new every day. I was unaware that whores didn’t wear panties.

  • Teenage Suicide

    A couple of days later, another body was found, about one week dead. Are you seeing a pattern here? It’s like, whaaaaat? 13-year-old track-and-field player Jean DaBord had overdosed on his infirm grandmother’s prescriptions while lying in bed beside...

  • Treat Them Like Bitches

    Over the past 20 years, although there were a handful of light-in-the-darkness bands, the majority of hardcore groups/kids/zines have been copycat losers, a zillion times removed from the founding principles of the movement.

  • Howdy Pard'ner! How're Y'all?

  • Vice Pictures

    Since 2002, New York-based photographer Stuart Ignacio has been traveling to college science labs and private think-tanks around the country, taking pictures of some of the last few years’ most shocking research advances.

  • Fashion Rocks Death Disco

    Karl Lagerfeld can still remember the first time he heard MSTRKRFT’s incendiary remix of Bloc Party’s “Two More Years.”

  • A Note from VICE Media Group

    From the leadership at VMG

  • Vice Fashion - Special Friends

    Specials is a new online dating agency for young people who have trouble holding down relationships due to the fact that they suffer from what society deems “embarrassing or inappropriate social behaviour.”

  • Outside-in

    his was shortly after 9/11. I had read that two of the hijackers had worked at gas stations and used prepaid cell phones. My brain became alive with farts. I decided to conduct some cursory surveillance.