The Photo Issue 2013: Collaborations

  • Self-Portrait as Nun with Some of My Mother’s Favorite Famous People

    Jaimie was kind enough to stay up for 156.3 hours straight to give us a sneak peek of what, when complete, will undoubtedly be her most sprawling, awe-inspiring, and masterful work to date: the first of five panels in a photographic reinterpretation of...

  • Broken-Winged Youth

    Photos by Margaret Durow and Brigette Bloom.

  • RoCoRyMa, 2013

    Photos by Roe Ethridge, Collier Schorr, Ryan McGinley, and Marilyn Minter.

  • Wild Animals

    Photos by Gary Indiana and Tracey Emin.

  • Primordiale

    Photos by Lele Saveri and Francesco Igory Deiana.

  • The Eagle and the Rat

    Photos by Ben Pier & Peter Sutherland.

  • Ghost Town

    Photos by Jerry Ricciotti & the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

  • Frosted Dic Cakes

    Photos by Henry Hargreaves, cakes by Amirah Kassem.

  • Lines and Curves

    Photos by Petra Collins & Arvida Byström

  • The English Way

    It is often said that the English suffer from a lack of patriotic feeling. Only a tiny minority of us indulge in public displays of national pride, and even this minority only do so on very special occasions. Can you imagine a similar number of...

  • Manic Botanic

    By Bridget Collins, Margot Holtman, Kate Kornberg, Byrthe Lemmens & Karoline Swiezynski.

  • Place of the Inside Out

    Images by Roger Ballen & Asger Carlsen.