The Photo Issue 2013: Collaborations

  • The Space Barbie Fashion Shoot

    Hey Space Barbie, what's goin' on? You hangin' out with your giant bugs? Cool, cool. What you got there—oh, it's a snake. Alright. Oh, two snakes? OK. Why don't you—yeah, put...

  • Terram Tenebrosam

    Photos by Jim Mangan & Tadayoshi Honda.

  • Exorcism

    Images by Tim Freccia & Gerald Slota.

  • Old Friends

    Photos by Maggie Lee and Sandy Kim.

  • Use Value

    Images by Kim Gordon & Richard Kern.

  • If You Wake Up and You’re Not in Pain, You Know You’re Dead

    A selection of images from the forthcoming issue of Toilet Paper, Maurizio and Pierpaolo’s insane biannual publication, which they tell us will be out in the States “around September.” These images should wipe the shit from your mind’s asshole.

  • Interfearance

    Photos by Jim Goldberg & Barry Mcgee.

  • Exogenesis

    Photos by Synchrodogs.

  • The ‘LBM Dispatch’ Brings the Good News

    The project that morphed into the LBM Dispatch started as a lark and an experiment. On Alec’s birthday, he texted me that he wanted to go on an adventure. A couple hours later, we were in his Honda trolling the exurban fringes of the Twin Cities...