The Weed Eater

  • A 4/20 Tour of Colorado's Best Weed Edibles

    While millions of joints, bowls, blunts, bongs, and dabs are blazed up this week, The Weed Eater has forsworn the ubiquitous smoke in favor of discovering the most satisfying pot-infused food available in America's mecca of legal weed.

  • Marijuana Edibles Aren't Safe—But Neither Are Booze and Sugar

    As the world's millions of marijuana enthusiasts make their preparations for the annual high holiday of April 20th (a.k.a. 4/20), let us pause for just a moment to go over a few ground rules when it comes to eating ganja.

  • Deadheads Forever Changed the Way We Eat

    Who popularized the health food store, organics, farm fresh produce, and the grow-your-own movement? Who spread the good word about vegetarianism, veganism, raw food, macrobiotics, and sustainability? Deadheads, that's who.

  • Santa Claus Was a Shroom-Tripping Shaman

    I was inspired to make a holiday weed feast after finding out that Santa Claus's surprising origins include psychedelic mushrooms, reindeer piss, and shamanism.

  • I Drank Melissa Etheridge's Weed-Infused Wine

    The Grammy-winning singer-songwriter and dedicated medical marijuana activist recently unveiled her plans to become a spokeswoman for a high-end line of weed-infused “wine tinctures.” Naturally, I had to taste them myself.

  • Science Says Weed Makes Food Taste and Smell Better

    Anyone who's ever smoked a joint knows that weed can make you ravenously hungry. But why? According to recent research, THC can make your brain smell and taste food far more acutely while high—meaning there's a scientific basis for the munchies.

  • Cannabis-Infused Bulletproof Coffee Would Make Balzac Proud

    In the 1840s, a group of Parisian intellectuals used to gather to drink hashish-spiked coffee and fuel their creative minds. Why not update that little ritual by blending the biohacker's favorite drink—Bulletproof Coffee—with cannabutter?

  • I Made Marijuana Edibles at Hunter S. Thompson's Ranch

    Hunter S. Thompson fought many battles in his life, and didn't often win. So what better way to help him posthumously celebrate the sweet smell of herbal liberation in Colorado than by throwing a small victory party at his fortified compound, Owl Farm.

  • The Joy of Cooking (While Really Stoned)

    Cooking while stoned requires skill both in the kitchen and in handling your herb. But there are a couple tricks, humbly compiled by The Weed Eater over the course of many years, to help make everything go smoothly.

  • Meet The Weed Eater

    Welcome to The Weed Eater, a new column exploring the intersection of cannabis and cuisine from former High Times editor, David Bienenstock. To celebrate the culinary side of 4/20 weekend, David headed to Denver to indulge in a fancy weed dinner.