the wide world of balls

  • Does the Fatty Cow Suing ESPN Have a Case?

    The internet collectively pointed and laughed at a sleepy fat man on Monday, when news broke that he was suing MLB, ESPN, and two commentators for $10 million.

  • Lance Angeles

    What happened last week in sports? A lot of stuff, but the real question is whether Lance Armstrong still shaves his legs, or if they were smooth to begin with.

  • Kicking and Screening

    Soccer is back, football is boring, hockey is staring a labor dispute in the eye, and some baseball player who was busted for testosterone made a fake website so everyone would think that the banned substance he took was some sort of supplement he...

  • Fortune Favors the Bolt

    Women's soccer overtakes the Olympics and almost gets ruined by referee-beef, terrible preseason football ruins Twitter, Stephen Strasburg's innings ruins mid-Atlantic baseball, and more from this past week in sports. Plus, Dwight Howard is traded and...

  • Goldwater Hates Hockey

    The Goldwater Institute is ball-blocking the Phoenix Coyotes.

  • Josh Beckett Is Still a Dick

    If it's not in this column it doesn't have to do with balls.